We hold societal causes like animal welfare in high regard.

In order to make things happen, we have chosen to create fun games that have direct actions and consequences in our world!

Enjoy our games for free while simultaneously contributing to fundraising efforts and supporting charities !


I was driven to create this company in my late forties after two decades of travels and getting to work with amazing people. From the markets of Mumbai to shelters in Havana, I felt it was time to empower people to have a positive impact towards a better world. I recognized we could disrupt the paradigm of playing for oneself by building Awarecorp around the simple value of PLAY FOR A CAUSE. Wangcai, my 3 leg dog from the streets of Shanghai, along with Jean-Claude Van Damme and his love for Lola were catalysts in the creation of Dawn of the Chihuahuas, our first of many games to come.

Eric Baesa, Founder

I’ve always seen video games as a new way to change things, to bring people together, from all walks of life. Charitable causes are something I started to get involved with 10 years ago. I was inspired by my family and especially my mother, Esther, who has a great love for animals and volunteers her time to help them. I have always tried to make a difference and I contrubuite to outstanding causes that make a difference. Through that process, I’ve managed to surround myself with people who have the same values. Our first game Dawn of chihuahas, is a beautiful example that we can change things and help causes we care about by having fun!

Steeve Attali, Co-Founder


GAIA is Belgium’s leading animal welfare association, promoting the respectful treatment and existence of animals.

The Montreal SPCA, founded in 1869 is Canada’s first animal welfare organization. They are working to protect animals from neglect, abuse, and exploitation while promoting public awareness and compassion for all creatures.

PAWS UK is dedicated to educating and spreading awareness about animal welfare, care while actively fighting against animal cruelty and neglect, including practices like dog fighting and the exploitation of wild animals for entertainment.

The mission in Dharamsala, India, is to create a humane environment for animals, benefiting both the animals and the local community. They achieve this through various programs, such as vaccination, rescue and adoption, education on rabies safety, and compassion.

The ASPCA, founded as the first human society in North America, has grown into one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the world. Aware Corp takes pride in supporting the ASPCA and its life-saving mission.

It is clear that Jean-Claude VAN DAMME has a big heart for all animals. As GAIA© international ambassador our voice for the voiceless can be louder and we are very grateful for that.







Take actions and make things happen!